Our machines match the RIAA guidelines for vinyl recording, which means that we can reach the maximum recording time for each vinyl format.

7" at 45 rpm : 5 minutes per side
7" at 33 rpm : 6 minutes per side
10" at 45 rpm : 10 minutes per side
10" at 33 rpm : 17 minutes per side
12" at 45 rpm : 12 minutes per side
12" at 33 rpm : 22 minutes per side

These theoretical recommended values can be increased by lowering the playback volume.

The Laws of physics applies to the vinyl records.

The playing time per side defines the playback volume. More music per side = narrow grooves = lower playback volume. Less music per side = wider grooves = higher playback volume.


Vinyl quality is the same as retail vinyl records - heavy weight 180gr virgin vinyl - and last for a lifetime.

 Vinyl mastering

We proceed with a mastering of your audio before making the records, to improve the vinyl cutting and preserve the original sound of the master source.

We accept any kind of audio formats, even if non-destructive audio formats are highly recommended.

For High Definition vinyl records do not use limiters on your master. Provide a less compressed version of your master if possible.

Our vinyl records have band separation between tracks like standard vinyl records. For exemple : we can add a long or short silence between tracks, or no silence at all, for live recordings.


 Custom record cover

Deluxe record covers are fully printed (front and back) on heavy weight cardboard with your artwork. Provide high resolution image files for best printing results. Templates for vinyl record covers.

 Center labels

Default center labels are white but can be printed with your own artwork free of charge. Templates for vinyl record labels.

 Default record cover

Our custom vinyl records are housed in a white or black cardboard record cover/jacket at no cost. Check our vinyl records production page for examples. All vinyl is housed in an antistatic inner sleeve and the cover / jacket is protected by a PVC outer sleeve.